most complete xml package for Python?

Gerard Flanagan grflanagan at
Tue Mar 13 15:30:01 CET 2007

On Mar 13, 1:43 pm, "metaperl" <metap... at> wrote:
> Without even checking them all out, I'm thinking the Amara XML Toolkit
> must be the most feature-packed. The developers are readily available
> on IRC for support and they seem to make regular releases.
> As a meld3 user, I have been using ElementTree under the hood, but was
> dismayed to find out that you can't find elements by attribute and I
> am finding it difficult to remove elements.

Hardly in competition with Amara or lxml, but I wrote this extension
to ElementTree which handles attributes to a limited extent:

(Be aware that parts of the filter string are 'eval-ed')


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