On Java's Interface (the meaning of interface in computer programing)

Lew lew at nospam.lewscanon.com
Wed Mar 21 20:11:30 CET 2007

Dr. Who wrote:
> Don't Feed The Trolls :-)

But, but - you fed me!?

Oh, wait, I'm only a half-troll, on my father's side.

Thanks for the attention.

Kidding aside, a post like the OP's is useful as an exercise in finding the 
errors, grammatical and factual. It's like a math book I had in my first year 
at university. Its theorems were riddled with typographical errors, mixing the 
us, vs and ws all around. I'd be up for hours figuring out if I was wrong or 
the book was wrong. In the end it gave me a lot more exercise than the 
homework problems did.

Also, I wanted to protect the innocent.

We could put up a contest - whoever finds and corrects the most errors in the 
post wins. Ties broken by the quality of the correct explanations. Incorrect 
explanations count against the entry.

-- Lew

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