Creating a DLL file from Python Code

Laurent Pointal laurent.pointal at
Fri Mar 9 16:05:03 CET 2007

macedo.silva at a écrit :
> Hi,
> I would like to request your attention for this very specific issue:
> I have several classes in Python, and now I want simply re-use it, in
> other language.
> The closest to solution I think I came was with this site:
> but I not able to solve questions related with TLB files and
> files.
> So, could anyone give a tip about how to creat a dll file from Python?
> It is possible under any conditions?

For inter-languages intagration maybe you can use some distributed
objects protocol like CORBA (see OmniORBpy), or - as you wrote about a
DLL - COM/DCOM (see pywin32). Or write a simple TCP or UDP layer to
communicate with your existing classes.
Note: all that need some work in the Python side to be able to work
using a client/server model.
Note2: as long as your interface dont change, you can make modifications
in both sides without problem.



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