which methods to use?

Alex Martelli aleax at mac.com
Thu Mar 29 09:46:40 CEST 2007

<s99999999s2003 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> under what circumstances do we need to create a copy of a tuple :->
> "btuple = atuple[:]". tuples are immutable, so wouldn't it be "wasting
> memory"?

Nah -- btuple is atuple.  The "copy" is a no-op, in this case.

> another query, in the docs, list(a) and a[:] does the same thing (a =
> [1,2,3] for example), but besides the speed of slicing is faster than
> list(), what advantage is there for using list(a) in this case ?

Readability (a word is more readable than idiomatic punctuation), and
conceptual uniformity with making shallow copies of other containers of
known types such as sets and dicts.


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