Mocking OpenOffice in python?

olive ocollioud at
Thu Mar 15 08:02:11 CET 2007

On Mar 14, 9:39 am, "PaoloB" <pibi... at> wrote:
> Hi everyone,

Since OO is shipped with Py 2.3 only, I use Jython to drive OO through
its Java API.

Our app is a mix of:
- ODT XML scrapping/templating based on Dom4j which, surprisingly,
when use with Jython, is the most pythonic XML API I have tried so far
(I find better than minidom, ElementTree or even lxml which is my
choice under CPython).
- OObean integrated in Java Gui and driven by Jython.

I don't like Java much though, but this is what our management wants
us to use.
By chance, Jython is tolerated so far.


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