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awalter1 wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a Python application that runs under HPUX 11.11 (then unix). It
> uses threads :
> from threading import Thread
> # Class Main
> class RunComponent(Thread):
> My application should run under Linux (red hat 3 ou 4) and I read that
> differences exist between the implementation of threads : on HPUX
> 11.11 there is CMA (ou DCE) threads and on Linux POSIX thread. Do you
> think that my Python application should be modified or may be such
> differences are hidden by the python interpreter ?
> In other terms, do I get some risks on this particular aspect by
> porting my application ?
> Thanks a lot
> PS: If you are aware of other risk of porting, I am interested too.

The Python threading model abstracts from the underlying OS threading, so
there should be no need to change anything (AFAIK).


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