Technical Answer - Protecting code in python

Thomas Heller theller at
Thu Mar 22 18:10:00 CET 2007

Bart Willems schrieb:
> Aaah, *now* we're getting somewhere... :-)
>>> All he wants is something that turns 'readable, 
>>> changeable python' into 'unreadable, immutable python'.
>> chown scriptuser  # a unique user
>> chmod a-rwx
>> chmod u+rx
>> I believe that fully meets the functional requirements. Where shall I send
>> the invoice?
> If it works on the target machine - I am under the assumption that the 
> client is some kind of government office - more likely to run Windows 
> than it is to run unix/linux/etc.
> Who has a similar solution for windows?

python -m py_compile


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