Python in a desktop environment

Hendrik van Rooyen mail at
Sun Mar 11 11:48:22 CET 2007

 "David Cramer" < at> wrote:

> If you had an application that you were about to begin development on
> which you wanted to be cross platform (at least Mac and Windows),
> would you suggest using c++ and Python?
> I'm asking because we were originally thinking about doing c# but
> after attending PyCon this year I'm reconsidering. We are already
> using Python for the website and I figure a c++ backend w/ a Python
> GUI may work really well, and would be pretty easy to port.
> Any opinions?
Why drag in the C++ ? 
What do you intend to do in it that you can't do in python?
Seems unnecessarily complex to me.
And on a desktop, speed issues are kind of irrelevant - Python
is snappy enough on modern hardware for most things.

My style would be to have the gui connect via pipes to the
local backend as a separate process, with a third process if there
are any communications needed to off box dbs.   But that is just
the way I think - YMMV

- Hendrik

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