os.path.isfile with *.tar.gz

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Thu Mar 15 20:48:25 CET 2007

Boudreau, Emile wrote:
> Hello All,
>         I'm new to Python and it looks like people that post here do get 
> a good answer back so I figured I'd try my luck.
> I'm trying to check a directory to see if there is a file that has the 
> name "startOfString" + some version number + "inst.tar.gz" 
> (component-8.3.16-inst.tar.gz) The version number will change quite 
> frequently so I just want to check if there is a file with that format name.
> I have tried variations of: os.path.isfile( os.path.join("C:\\temp\\", 
> "rqp-win32-app", "*.tar.gz"))
> but nothing seem to work. Does anyone have suggestions on how I could 
> get this to work?
> Thanks in advance for the help,
> Emile
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Take a look at the glob module documentation. Glob.glob will almost 
certainly do what you want, as it's specifically written to match 
wildcard filenames.

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