how to abort on syntax errors

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kyosohma at wrote:
> On Mar 26, 12:21 pm, "Josh" <n... at> wrote:
>> I have a lot of except Exception, e statements in my code, which poses some
>> problems. One of the biggest is whenever I refactor even the triviallest
>> thing in my code.
>> I would like python to abort, almost as if it were a compile-time error,
>> whenever it cannot find a function, or if I introduced a syntax error. But,
>> instead, it merrily proceeds on its way.
>> Is there some idiom that you use in situations like these?
>> thanks,
>> josh
> Try sticking in an
> try:
>   #do something
> except SyntaxError, e:
>    print e
>    sys.exit(0)
> except Exception, e:
>    print e
> # You put in as many exceptions as you like.
Of course the main problem with this solution is that a piece of code 
will raise a syntax error when it's compiled (i.e. at module import 
time, or when the main program starts up). So in the case where "#do 
something" has a syntax error it won;t be trapped because the program 
hasn't got to execution by the time the error is detected.

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