package_data question

Goldfish gregturn at
Mon Mar 5 21:52:22 CET 2007

On Mar 5, 1:56 am, "bytecolor" <byteco... at> wrote:
> I have a simple package. I'm trying to add an examples subdirectory
> with distutils. I'm using Python 2.4 on Linux. My file layout and
> can be found here:
> I've tried using data_files as well, with the same result; examples/
> fig2.3.apt is not added to the tarball.
> --
> bytecolor

I have a package along with a samples section. I have both a
script along with a file to make sure everything gets in.
You can see both of the files at

That is for the samples section. For my main package, I have something
similar at

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