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Thu Mar 1 16:12:08 CET 2007

azrael wrote:
> Hy
> did anyone manage to work with imahemagick through python. I've been
> googling like a crazy for some instalation instructions, but i cant
> find anything. please help.

There have been a few wrappers for ImageMagick over the last few years.

There was once something called "PythonMagick", for example. However
AFAIK, they are all currently defunct. There was a later version using
Boost, but it apparently required a lot of system resources to compile
for some reason, and I don't think I was able to.

Apparently ImageMagick has gone through a lot of API changes and people
get disgusted with supporting it (?). There is also, of course the
Python Imaging Library (PIL) that competes with it pretty effectively
for most use cases (of course ImageMagick has unparalleled image
conversion support).

If you really want ImageMagick, though, you might want to consider
writing your own wrapper (perhaps using ctypes, now that it is included
in the standard library).

I have used 'popen' to run it as a separate process in the past. The
'subprocess' module would be the smart way to do that today, and that
might be your fastest solution.


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