New to Python - Easy way to open a text file

Max Steel maxsteel at
Sat Mar 31 01:19:32 CEST 2007

Nope. that's not what i mean...

Here's a quick run down:

edna, is a python mp3 server. (.py)

What it does is searches directories for:
1) mp3s
2) jpgs
3) mp3us
4) txt files
5) other folders

What I'd like it to do, is upon finding a folder, with a .txt file in it (in 
my case is probably an album review from AMG), is to take the contents of 
that text file and display it on the same page as the album, the artwork 

I think the gang that has helped me so far, is pointing me in the right 
direction.  I just need to figure out how this template is used.

I'll have some time on sunday to play with the "simple" code that they've 
provided.  I will post my results.

Thanks again to all who has helped me thus far,

"Michael Tobis" <mtobis at> wrote in message 
news:1175289887.510619.166280 at
>I think it's pretty clear that we aren't understanding what you mean
> by "open a text file and disply its content".
> I conclude that by "edna" you mean this thing: 
> I suspect you are not asking a Python question at all.
> Did you try opening
> file:///<path-to-edna>/edna-0.6/templates/default.ezt
> in your browser? This will show you the design of your (unpopulated)
> template rendered in your browser.
> Notes:
> 1) yes you do need three slashes after "file:" for some reason I've
> never comprehended
> 2) you will need to replace <path to browser> with your local system
> path to the edna directory. (In firefox you can, alternatively, browse
> to the file from File->open; Safari will balk at the ezt extension; I
> don't know what other browsers will do.)
> If this is more like what your are after, consider that your question
> was misleading (and entirely unrelated to Python). The edna miling
> list is here:
> hth
> mt

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