Python in a desktop environment

Bruno Desthuilliers bdesth.quelquechose at
Sun Mar 11 18:56:14 CET 2007

David Cramer a écrit :
> On Mar 10, 10:52 pm, "sjdevn... at" <sjdevn... at>
> wrote:
>>David Cramer wrote:
>>>If you had an application that you were about to begin development on
>>>which you wanted to be cross platform (at least Mac and Windows),
>>>would you suggest using c++ and Python?
>>I'd strongly consider a pure python solution (I'd choose wxpython),
>>but if I needed to code backend stuff in a lower level language I'd
>>use C rather than C++.
> Well we want it to be very robust,

Which is a pretty good reason to favor Python over C or C++.

> and python isn't exactly the
> fastest language, or one with the lowest overhead :)

It's not exactly one of the slowest languages nor one with the highest 
overhead neither. Chances are you'll have a fully-functional production 
level app in Python *way* before you have a first alpha in C++. If by 
then you *really* have some performance problem, it will be time to port 
the relevant modules to C extensions.

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