Multiline code - trailing slash usage

Bruno Desthuilliers bruno.42.desthuilliers at
Thu Mar 15 16:23:12 CET 2007

abcd a écrit :
> When do I need to use a trailing slash to separate code over multiple
> lines.
> For example:
> x = "hello world, this is my multiline " + \
>      "string!!!!"

Here you don't need the +

> x = {'name' : \
>       'bob'}

And here you don't need the antislash

> Do I need to use the "\" in the above examples?  When do i need to use
> it?

IIRC, lists, tuples and dicts litterals, function args, list comps and 
generator expressions can span multiple lines. In any other case, you 
need the antislash. But you'd better check in the FineManual...

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