Mod python - mysql lock

John Nagle nagle at
Mon Mar 5 19:00:10 CET 2007

    If you use MySQL 5, you get atomic transactions.  The old
"LOCK" thing is becoming obsolete.  Suggest getting a newer
MySQL and a newer MySQL book.

				John Nagle

Jan Danielsson wrote:
> Roopesh wrote:
>>In my mod_python project I am using mysql as the database. There is
>>table card in which unique cards are stored. When a user request comes
>>he has to get a unique card. In this situation I want to use LOCK with
>>which I can prevent other users accessing the table. I tried excuting
>>"LOCK" command of mysql through python code, but it is not locking the
>>database. Any ideas why this isn't working and how can I do the same.
>>//python code
>>sql = "LOCK TABLES card WRITE"

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