Python 2.5 incompatible with Fedora Core 6 - packaging problems again

Troy Melhase troy.melhase at
Sun Mar 4 12:08:08 CET 2007


> So what's going on?  We've run into a conflict between an assumption of Python
> and of the Plesk control panel.  Plesk doesn't let the user create files
> in their own home directory.  This installer assumes it can.  Oops.
> (Plesk sets up a very locked down environment, which is a good thing on
> a web server.)

The "installer" used the options you gave it, or its defaults in their absence.

> Now it turns out that we have Python 2.4 in /usr/bin, and Python 2.5
> in /usr/local/bin.  That's where the installer put it.  So the CGI
> scripts are invoking the wrong version of Python.  The scripts had to
> be changed.

You could have fixed this with "./configure --prefix=/usr/local"

> This kind of nonsense is why hosting companies don't want to support Python.
> Perl and PHP may be dumb, but they just work.  Java has a company behind it.
> Python just isn't ready.  Which is embarassing, ten years on.

Let's see...

You're trying to install a package without using the package
management tools provided by your system, you haven't read the docs
(or at least all of them), you show a general lack of understanding of
the different responsibilities in the free/open source software space
(development vs. packaging)... and after all that, then you come here
and complain?

Look, I'm sure lots of folks here would be glad to help you, but your
post comes across as whiny and confrontational.  I'm sure you've had a
frustrating experience, but please, don't blame "python" or "the
python developers", because that blame would be misplaced.

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