mindSHIFT's InterScan MSS has removed attachment(s)

IMSS imssnotify at mindshift.com
Thu Mar 15 08:51:10 CET 2007

The advanced content filter defined by mindSHIFT Technologies has removed the attachment(s) from the following message based on attachment type. 

Reference Information: 

Message sender: python-list at python.org

Message recipients: angiem at eia.org

Message subject: “Message could not be delivered”

Incident time: Thu Mar 15 03:51:10 2007

Filter Name: COS Att Stripper

Filter Type: Message Attachment Filter
at letter.zip(letter.scr):HEADER , " .WILD. *.ade .OR.  .WILD. *.adp .OR.  .WILD. *.asx .OR.  .WILD. *.bas .OR.  .WILD. *.bat .OR.  .WILD. *.bin .OR.  .WILD. *.chm .OR.  .WILD. *.cmd .OR.  .WILD. *.com .OR.  .WILD. *.cpl .OR.  .WILD. *.crt .OR.  .WILD. *.dll .OR.  .WILD. *.exe .OR.  .WILD. *.hiv .OR.  .WILD. *.hlp .OR.  .WILD. *.hta .OR.  .WILD. *.inf .OR.  .WILD. *.ins .OR.  .WILD. *.isp .OR.  .WILD. *.jse .OR.  .WILD. *.jtd .OR.  .WILD. *.lnk .OR.  .WILD. *.msc .OR.  .WILD. *.msi .OR.  .WILD. *.msp .OR.  .WILD. *.mst .OR.  .WILD. *.ocx .OR.  .WILD. *.oft .OR.  .WILD. *.ovl .OR.  .WILD. *.pcd .OR.  .WILD. *.pif .OR.  .WILD. *.pl .OR.  .WILD. *.plx .OR.  .WILD. *.reg .OR.  .WILD. *.scr .OR.  .WILD. *.sct .OR.  .WILD. *.sh .OR.  .WILD. *.shs .OR.  .WILD. *.sys .OR.  .WILD. *.vb .OR.  .WILD. *.vbe .OR.  .WILD. *.vbs" violated
Action on Attachment: STRIP

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