Python shell on mac os x

Bert Heymans bert.heymans at
Thu Mar 15 22:56:13 CET 2007


I'm using iTerm on the mac the keymapping isn't right. On Linux and
Windows it's really nice to be able to hit up to get the previous
command. Does anyone know a way to get the Pyhton shell to work like
on other systems, I always get this when I hit the direction keys:

>>> ^[OA^[OC^[OD

I've been looking for the correct mappings but can't find a proper
reference online nor what the Python shell expects. Any help would be
greatly appreciated! Hints/suggestions on keywords to use in a search
on Google are always welcome :) I don't know where to begin looking
for this kind of information.

kind regards,

- Bert Heymans

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