bisect on a list of lists

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En Fri, 09 Mar 2007 17:15:44 -0300, Paulo da Silva  
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> What is the best way to have something like the bisect_left
> method on a list of lists being the comparision based on an
> specified arbitrary i_th element of each list element?
> Is there, for lists, something equivalent to the __cmp__ function for
> classes?

lists *are* classes (at least since Python 2.2)
Inherit from the builtin list, redefine __cmp__(self, other) as  
cmp(self[i_th], other[i_th])
and then redefine all the rich comparison methods (__eq__, __lt__, etc)  
using __cmp__, e.g. __le__(self, other) as __cmp__(self, other)<=0 etc.

Gabriel Genellina

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