pylint: don't warn about tabs

Duncan Booth duncan.booth at invalid.invalid
Sat Mar 10 19:12:03 CET 2007

skip at wrote:


In pep-0666, Laura Creighton wrote:
>    People who mix tabs and spaces, naturally, will find that their
>    programs do not run.  Alas, we haven't found a way to give them an
>    electric shock as from a cattle prod remotely.  (Though if somebody
>    finds out a way to do this, I will be pleased to add this option to
>    the PEP.)

Fortunately, since the PEP was last edited in 2001, there has been progress 
on this front with the advent of the Microsoft WE-SYP programme. (see ). We should find out whether 
the technology can be licensed for use in a future release of Python.

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