Recommended FastCGI module?

Robin Becker robin at
Wed Mar 7 18:41:18 CET 2007

John Nagle wrote:
>    What's the recommended FastCGI module for Python.  There are at least five:
> 	The Robin Dunn / Total Control Software version:
>       	Last revised in 1998.

we are using a slightly modified and modernized version of the above in a front 
facing app for a large company with reasonable results. Our decision was 
prompted by a consultant who wanted more speed, but it turned out the original 
traffic assumptions were wrong so the small advantage over CGI isn't actually 
needed. At the back end we're using apache+mod_fastcgi and choosing the 
configuration parameters was the main difficulty.

Using fcgi did induce some fairly careful code consideration to ensure we could 
rerun without blowing up the universe.
Robin Becker

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