Database module & multithreading

John Nagle nagle at
Sat Mar 10 21:24:23 CET 2007

Jon Ribbens wrote:
> In article <54CIh.6545$M65.2077 at>, John Nagle wrote:
>>     As for "some modules not being maintained", it really is sad
>>that MySQLdb is kind of behind.  If you're running Windows and need
>>MySQL, you're either stuck with Python 2.4
> Looks like that's changed:

    Yes, that's a step forward.

    Although it's an ".egg" file.  If renamed to ".zip" and unpacked, it
seems to work.

    Is the "egg" packaging gimmick considered mainstream Python, or just some
wierd idea from the "Peak" people?  It seems to complicate installation
without adding much value.

					John Nagle

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