On Java's Interface (the meaning of interface in computer programing)

Markus E Leypold development-2006-8ecbb5cc8aREMOVETHIS at ANDTHATm-e-leypold.de
Wed Mar 21 14:24:29 CET 2007

Lew <lew at nospam.lewscanon.com> writes:

> Xah Lee wrote:
>> In a functional language, a function can be specified by its name and
> Are you sure you know what a "functional language" is?
>> parameter specs. For example:
>> f(3)
>> f(3, [9,2])
>> f("some string")
> This is not really "typical" syntax for a functional language. LISP,
> for example, has the "function name" as an element of a list. (Some
> might argue that LISP isn't exactly a functional language.)

And nobody really cares, since syntax doesn't make a functional language anyways ...

Regards -- Markus

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