New Chess Module

shatranjchess at shatranjchess at
Thu Mar 15 22:44:10 CET 2007

On Mar 15, 4:46 pm, Paul Rubin <http://phr...@NOSPAM.invalid> wrote:
> shatranjch... at writes:
> > written in Python, it's not blazingly fast...but Kasparov
> > doesn't even look at 2k nodes per second, does he? ;-)
> Wow, cool.  Out of curiosity how many nodes per second does it look
> at?

depends on your processor speed...on a recent machine (~2.3GHz)
I can get about 2k nps without the psyco boost...but my goal was not
to beat the compiled programs with fast code.  I'd like to develop a
strong program with good evaluation and move ordering.  And perhaps
try search methods other than alphabeta.  Using bitboards should
make the first part easier and using python should help with the


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