Determining cause of termination

Yang fer7msb02 at
Fri Mar 16 19:59:32 CET 2007

Hi all, my Python (2.4) program crashed after a couple days of running
(this'll be a pain to debug, I know). I think it just...stopped
running. My log files didn't show any (unusual) exceptions (I use the
logging module to files and stdout/stderr piped to files). I have a
feeling that the python interpreter crashed - perhaps I consumed a lot
of memory and so CPython died. I also don't use ctypes or anything - I
do import some twisted modules but I don't really use them. There was
no core dump and I don't know how to elicit one. How can I find out as
much as possible what happened? For starters, I'm now checking exit
status and periodically running 'top' to monitor memory consumption,
but are there any other ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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