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Larry Bates lbates at
Tue Mar 13 19:56:35 CET 2007

Paulo da Silva wrote:
> I need to make some data representation.
> Basically a major window for a 2D chart,
> a scrollable window with some few small 2D
> graphics. The rest is a normal form with
> buttons, labels and entries.
> I thought of doing that using Tkinter+pmw+blt.
> But now I'm considering use a web solution.
> Is there anything that make this stuff easy?
> I'm not searching for professional look. This
> is for my personal use and the important is
> the data processed and visualized I could get.
> I gave a look at cherrypy but from a 1st sight
> I couldn't see if it allows for easy graphic
> charts - may be with svg ...
> Thanks for any suggestions.

You can use ReportLab Graphics to generate the
graphs as .JPG files and display them in a
browser window with simple HTML.

-Larry Bates

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