using python to visit web sites and print the web sites image to files

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Wed Mar 14 10:02:53 CET 2007

On 3月14日, 上午5时44分, "daftspan... at" <daftspan... at>
> > The reason I want to do simulation but not just crawling is : we have
> > to check many web pages' front page to see whether it conform to our
> > visual standard, e.g, it should put a search box on the top part of
> > the page. It's tedious for human work. So I want to 'crawl and save
> > the visual presentation of the web site automatically', and check
> > these image files later with human eyes.
> > -Xiong
> Hi Xiong,
> I have been working on a program to do something very similar to
> generate thumbnails of websites.
> The code is in IronPython (which may put you off!) and would need
> modified or scripted with pywinauto to deal with multiple images.
> Let me know if it is of use to you and I will upload it.
> Cheers,
> Davy

Cool, but does it mean that I will need .net to run the code?


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