Create new processes over telnet in XP

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You could use pexpect module.
Open a telnet session
Then run the script in nohup mode
It's assumed that the binary is available over there

On 23 Mar 2007 03:47:14 -0700, Godzilla <godzillaismad at> wrote:
> Hello,
> How do you create/spawn new processes in XP over telnet using python?
> I.e. I would like to create a new process and have it running in the
> background... when I terminate the telnet connection, I would what the
> spawned processes to keep running until I shut it off...
> I got the os.popen method to spawn a new process running in the
> backgroun, but not over telnet... tried os.popen[2, 3, 4] and also
> subprocesses.popen without any luck...
> Any help will be appreciated... thankyou.
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