How to receive a FILE* from Python under MinGW?

Giovanni Bajo noway at
Thu Mar 22 09:23:13 CET 2007

On 22/03/2007 3.13, John Pye wrote:

>> I suggest people to try my GCC 4.1.2 binary installer for Windows which fully
>> integrates with Python and has scripts in place to solve the MSVCR71.DLL
>> problem. It was announced on this very list a few days ago:
> Hi Giovanni,
> Thanks very much for that suggestion. It looks like you have done some
> good work on addressing this problem.
> I wonder if you might be able to expand on what those 'serious
> problems' with GCC 4.x on the Windows platform are?

Have a look here:

> Also, can you comment on how one might use your compiler bundle with
> MSYS? In particular, I like to run SCons from an MSYS prompt. Assuming
> I don't want to kill my old MinGW and Cygwin installations, how do you
> recommend that one proceeds to set up a working GCC 4 environment on
> Windows? (I haven't downloaded it just yet; I'm on Linux today!)

I personally don't use MSYS so I don't know exactly. I use SCons too, and I 
simply run it from the normal command prompt.

I *believe* it's sufficient to unpack MSYS somewhere (you can either unpack it 
*over* the directory where you installed my GCC package, or somewhere else, I 
believe it works either way); since the GCC binaries are added to the system 
PATH by the installer, you should able to run it anyway. You can try by simply 
invoking "gcc -v" at the MSYS prompt and see if it's picking up the right 
version of GCC.

I would appreciate if you give some feedback about this. I would like to 
incorporate your findings on the webpage.
Giovanni Bajo

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