Create new processes over telnet in XP

Irmen de Jong irmen.NOSPAM at
Fri Mar 23 23:54:12 CET 2007

Shane Geiger wrote:
> This reminds me of something I once wanted to do:  How can I install 
> Python in a totally non-gui way on Windows (without the use of VNC)?  I 
> think I was telnetted into a computer (or something like that) and I was 
> unable to run the usual Python installer because it uses a GUI.

Python uses a MSI (microsoft installer) based installer on windows.
This was introduced in version 2.5 I believe.

For MSI installers there's the standard MSI-way to perform a "silent" install.
Google for it, I don't know what the command line switch(es) are, but they're there.


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