design question: generator object with other attributes

Alex Martelli aleax at
Fri Mar 23 06:11:17 CET 2007

Alan Isaac <aisaac at> wrote:

> Essentially I want a generator that I can query about
> its characteristics.  (E.g., a random number generator
> that I want to be able to ask about is distributional
> parameters.)
> I am thinking of a class that wraps a generator.
> An object of this class will have a ``next`` method that simply
> returns the value the object get by calling the wrapped
> generator.
> A reasonable approach?

Sure, given the undiscussed constraints.

> Thanks,
> Alan Isaac
> PS Here is a useless class to illustrate the basic idea
> that you could have both attribute access and a
> generator-connected ``next`` method.
> class Start2Stop:
>         def __init(start,stop):
>                 self.start = start
>                 self.stop = stop
>                 self.numgen = (i for in in xrange(start,stop))
>         def next(self):
>                 return

Don't forget to add:

def __iter__(self): return self


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