persistent fifo queue class

David Bear david.bear at
Wed Mar 7 19:26:34 CET 2007

Diez B. Roggisch wrote:

> David Bear schrieb:
>> I'm looking to see if there are any examples or prewritting fifo queue
>> classes. I know this is a broad topic. I'm looking to implement a simple
>> application where a web server enqueue and pickle using a local socket on
>> to a 'queue server' -- and then I will have another application dequeue
>> the pickles again using a local socket.
> Why don't you use a DB for that? If you want pickles, use a  blob
> column. But all the rest - a defined protocol, stable server,
> transactions - you get for free.
> Diez

Thanks for the suggestion. I did think of this. Indeed the final destination
of the data is in a db. However, the postsgresql server is on a separate
box. It will be connected via a private lan. I was worried that possible
network disruptions would cause either the web application to hang -- or
data to just get lost. I was thinking along the lines is a message queue
architecture, where the web app would push data directly onto a queue --
and then a worker app would dequeue the data and handle it by sending it to
the db server or otherwise.

David Bear
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