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Sat Mar 10 15:50:28 CET 2007

    Olivier> About this mailing list: it is very hard to search. I can't
    Olivier> find any search field on the page:
    Olivier> python-list. I would
    Olivier> greatly appreciate if you moved that list over to google, for
    Olivier> instance, so that it be both searchable and rss-feedable.

To start with, the list isn't going to move.  However, you have all sorts of
search options.

    1. Google - search for
 python-list utf8

    1a. python-list at is gatewayed with the Usenet newsgroup
        comp.lang.python.  That means you can visit

        and search for 

          group:comp.lang.python utf8

    2. GMane - go to

       and search for


    3. Free Network Group - go to

       select Python group and/or python-list mailing list and search for


As for RSS, try ASPN:


I could keep going, but I'll stop there.


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