Python in a desktop environment

krishnakant Mane researchbase at
Tue Mar 13 08:33:09 CET 2007

I have coded some complex programs in python in the recent past.
I find it very robust and also not very slow (as is depicted by the
starter of this thread )  I use wxpython on the gui side and testify
that it is indeed very suitable for huge gui apps.
may be pyqt is good enough too and I believe so.
I don't find there is any reason to go stay in a hut when you have a
banglo to stay.
may be c++ gives you more control on pointers etc but what if you just
forgot to use that control properly?  afterall we are all humans.
so python is really good for speed as well as robustness if you can
understand the meaning of it.  and I wont want to again give the
meaning of the word because some one has already done it.

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