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> Core Python Programming is mostly theory and very little code. It's
> good for reference and digging deeper into the language...

let me clarify here that mike's statement refers to the total number
of large applications in the book.  Core Python *does* have a lot of
code in it, but they are mostly snippets and bits using the
interactive interpreter.  i chose this model instead of many large
applications because:

1) i feel that small snippets that people can follow along with in the
interpreter is more valuable... in fact, many readers *don't* have the
interpreter in front of them, but they can see what it does so that
once they *are* in front of it, it does what they expect

2) providing smallish to medium-sized applications allows for maximum
absorption by the reader

3) i didn't have time to develop lots of large applications... if you
learn with lots of large applications with lots of code, then this
book is not for you.

with that said, i would still like to state that the book's target
audience is for people who know how to program but need to pick up
Python as quickly as possible.  the "theory" that's in the book is
really more explanation of how the Python interpreter works,
especially the relationship between objects and memory management.
the goal is to give you enough of an understanding of how Python works
"under the covers" that you will write very effective code, even as a
beginner to the language.

you can read more of my "manifesto" on Amazon's page for the book as
well as at the book's website below.

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