A better webpage filter

Anton Vredegoor anton.vredegoor at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 00:09:43 CET 2007

Gabriel Genellina wrote:

> I use the Opera browser: http://www.opera.com
> Among other things (like having tabs for ages!):
> - enable/disable tables and divs (like you do)
> - enable/disable images with a keystroke, or only show cached images.
> - enable/disable CSS
> - banner supressing (aggressive)
> - enable/disable scripting
> - "fit to page width" (for those annoying sites that insist on using a  
> fixed width of about 400 pixels, less than 1/3 of my actual screen size)
> - apply your custom CSS or javascript on any page
> - edit the page source and *refresh* the original page to reflect your  
> changes
> All of this makes a very smooth web navigation - specially on a slow  
> computer or slow connection.

Thanks! I forgot about that one. It does what I want natively so I will 
go that route for now. Still I think there must be some use for my 
method of filtering. It's just too good to not have some use :-) Maybe 
in the future -when web pages will add new advertisement tactics faster 
than web browser builders can change their toolbox or instruct their 
users. After all, I was editing the filter script on one screen and 
another screen was using the new filter as soon as I had saved it.

Maybe someday someone will write a GUI where one can click some radio 
buttons that would define what goes through and what not. Possibly such 
a filter could be collectively maintained on a live webpage with an 
update frequency of a few seconds or something. Just to make sure we're 
prepared for the worst :-)


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