any ways to judge whether an object is initilized or not in a class

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Mon Mar 19 09:19:24 CET 2007

momobear schrieb:
> hi, I am puzzled about how to determine whether an object is
> initilized in one class, anyone could give me any instructions?
> here is an example code:
> class coffee:
>          def  boil(self):
>                self.temp = 80
> a = coffer()
> if a.temp > 60:
>      print "it's boiled"
> in C++ language we must initilized a variable first, so there is no
> such problem, but in python if we don't invoke a.boil(), we will not
> get self.temp to be initilized, any way to determine if it's initilzed
> before self.temp be used.

You want boil to be called __init__, which is python's constructor name. 
Then it will be called in a statement like

a = coffee()



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