Python stock market analysis tools?

Mudcat mnations at
Mon Mar 5 18:39:42 CET 2007

On Mar 5, 7:55 am, "Beliavsky" <beliav... at> wrote:

> Yes, and a discussion of investment approaches would be off-topic.
> Unfortunately, newsgroups such as misc.invest.stocks are dominated by
> spam -- the moderated newsgroup is better.
> Some research says that "mean variance portfolio optimization" can
> give good results. I discussed this in a message

I actually checked out some of those newsgroups in trying to find a
tool to use. I think I even posted a question about it. But you're
right in that there's so much spam, and all of the responses I got
were people trying to hock their own wares. Didn't find much in the
way of useful information.

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