Howto pass exceptions between threads

Alexander Eisenhuth newsuser at
Tue Mar 6 09:17:17 CET 2007

John Nagle schrieb:
> Alexander Eisenhuth wrote:
>> Hallo Alltogether,
>> I've searched in this mailing list, but it seems to me that there is 
>> no general approach to pass exceptions from one thread to another.
>    Very few languages have that.
>    Actually, it could be made to work for Python, but it would have to
> be carefully designed.  Something that raises an exception in another
> thread the next time the thread blocks would have relatively sane
> semantics.  You couldn't raise an exception on a compute-bound thread,
> only at block points (locks, I/O, long system calls.)
>                     John Nagle

Yes you're right, it must be well designed with a clear responsibility 
delegation. I can imgagine the following points:

- Thread termination with termination handler (for Thread instance)
- Main Thread information / synchronisation
- Default/Customized main thread exception handler

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