askstring Window to the top under Windows

Tim Golden mail at
Tue Mar 6 14:39:42 CET 2007

Jussi Salmela wrote:
> iwl kirjoitti:
>> Hi,
>> I tryed askstring to input some text in my script,
>> but some ugly empty Window appears with the
>> Input-Window behind and all together behind my
>> Console showing my script. So all have to brought
>> to the top first by the user - very unconfortable
> Are you asking about the function AskString in the EasyDialogs module of 
> Macintosh?
> If so, I can't help you.
> I'm just confused because the subject of your post contains the word 
> Windows which could mean Microsoft Windows on which Python hasn't the 
> EasyDialogs module.

Not that I've used it, but...


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