python/C++ wrapper

Frank supervau at
Wed Mar 14 05:55:55 CET 2007


is there anyone here that calls C++ programs from python via swig? It
seems that there are a lot of different ways to do that. For me it
would be important that the original c++ code (which is available)
does not need to be changed and the whole compilation process (swig -
python.... g++....etc) is as simple as possible.

Does anyone have a running example of the following problem:

- A c++ program receives a 2D-matrix from python as input and gives a
2D-matrix as output back to python.

That's all! I would expect there should be someone who actually uses
swig for this kind of problem. If so, could you send me the code, that
would be great!

If it is important, I use linux and numpy.



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