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Facundo Batista facundo at
Mon Mar 5 16:43:56 CET 2007

tubby wrote:

> I have a program written in Python that checks a class B network (65536 
> hosts) for web servers. It does a simple TCP socket connect to port 80 
> and times out after a certain periods of time. The program is threaded 
> and can do all of the hosts in about 15 minutes or so. I'd like to make 
> it so that I can check for other open ports (instead of just port 80) 
> and I'd like to thread the port checks as well.

So far, I understand that you have a program with multithreading, but it
only threads the host checking (because it actually scans one port

> Right now I'm just prototyping and the threaded hosts portion works very 
> well for my needs. I'd just like to add a threaded ports check and 
> wanted to know if anyone had done something similar in Python.

What I do *not* understand if this is a question about:

- port checking (asume not, because the program already checks a port,
so you can actually see how it's done)

- threading (asume not, because the program already is multithreading,
so you can actually see how it's done)

- modifying your program (asume not, you did not copy it here).

So, for us be able to help you, what can not you do?


.   Facundo

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