Mastering Python

Bruno Desthuilliers bruno.42.desthuilliers at
Fri Mar 16 14:30:45 CET 2007

Gerald a écrit :
> Hi ,Im a BSc4 Maths/Computer Science student.Unfortunately my
> curriculum did not include Python programming yet I see many vacancies
> for Python developers.I studied programming Pascal,C++ and Delphi.So I
> need to catch up quickly and master Python programming.How do you
> suggest that I achieve this goal?Is python platform independent?What
> is the best way?And how long would it take before I can develop
> applications using python?Can you recommend websites that feature a
> gentle introduction to Python?

Most of your questions are answered on May I suggest that 
you start there ?

  * "mastering" a language takes years, whatever the language.
  * the first step is of course learning the language !-)
  * given your background, I'd suggest first the official Python 
tutorial, then diveintopython. Reading this ng might help too.
  * Yes, Python is (mostly) platform-independent - at least as long a 
you don't use platform-dependent modules
  * An average programmer may become productive with Python in a matter 
of days - but really taking advantage of Python's power is another story.

If you like programming, chances are you'll enjoy Python. So welcome on 
board !-)


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