help developing an editor to view openoffice files.

Paul Hummer paul at
Wed Mar 14 06:59:59 CET 2007

krishnakant Mane wrote:
> hello,
> well what I exactly need to do is firstly have a way to read .odt and
> .ods files.
> I have a lot of information in open office format which I need to access.
> The most important thing is that I completely want to avoid the use of
> microsoft office.
> so I need to firstly get access to open office documents through a
> python module that can read and parse those documents and may be
> convert it to html and display in some kind of an html/ text area may
> be wxpython can help?
> secondly I want to edit those documents may be in html format and then
> when I say sayve it should save the changes back to .odt with the
> formatting information.
> can this be made possible?
> thanks and regards,
> Krishnakant.
I actually just read this in the O'Reilly book "Python Cookbook," so I
know this answer off the top of my head.  OpenOffice files are merely
zip files with well documented XML inside.  Use the builtin zip module
to open them, and then it's just XML parsing.  As far as the editor,
you'll have to familiarize yourself with the XML data from the
documentation, and it sounds like that's quite a project.

Just out of curiosity, why not just download OpenOffice?

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