How to Read Bytes from a file

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>> Thanks Bart.  That's perfect.  The other suggestion was to precompute
>> count1 for all possible bytes, I guess that's 0-256, right?
> 0-255 actually. It'd be worth it, if accessing dictionary with
> precomputed values would be significantly faster then calculating the
> lambda, which I doubt. I suspect it actually might be slower.

Dictionary access is highly optimized in Python. In fact, using a  
precomputed dictionary is about 12 times faster:

py> import timeit
py> count1 = lambda x:  
py> d256 = dict((i, count1(i)) for i in range(256))
py> timeit.Timer("for x in range(256): w = d256[x]", "from __main__ import  
[0.54261253874445003, 0.54763468541393934, 0.54499943428564279]
py> timeit.Timer("for x in range(256): w = count1(x)", "from __main__  
import cou
[6.1867963665773118, 6.1967124313285638, 6.1666287195719178]

Gabriel Genellina

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