Python 3000 idea: reversing the order of chained assignments

Erik Johnson nobody at
Thu Mar 22 19:04:35 CET 2007

Actually, after studying this a bit more:

I guess that makes sense. Sorry if I muddied the water for anyone else in my

n1 = = n2

The first thing that happens is the expression list is evaluated which is
the thing on the far right, n2. That is a simple object reference which is
then assigned to each of the target lists, left to right, of which there are
two: n1 and

So, first, n1 is assigned the same value n2 has.

Next, is assigned n2 (The object n1 refers to, which is also now n2,
is assigned a new attribute, that value of which is n2).

So, yeah... as Terry Reedy said: better to be explicit about what you want
to happen first and not mash them together into one line.

That would be... how do you say... "Pythonic"?

(God, I feel so much better now. LOL)

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