Tools for GUI/graphics

Erik Johnson nobody at
Wed Mar 14 01:28:08 CET 2007

> You can use ReportLab Graphics to generate the
> graphs as .JPG files and display them in a
> browser window with simple HTML.

    That is one option. As best as I recall, CherryPy is a simple but fully
functional web framework. If your primary focus is programmatically
generating graphs from data, some other options may be:

Go ahead and use Tkinter's Canvas (I foget exactly how, but you can export
graphic files).

Do a similar thing with wxPython (

Use Frekrik Lundh's Python Image Library (PIL) -

Chart Director is a product I have a little experience with which has Python
bindings ( Technically a commercial product
(~$100), it has a very liberal demo policy: demo versions display a small
banner at the bottom of the graphic. This is a fairly professional looking
package that can do nice stuff like automatically scales axes, get them
labelled with ticks, etc. It may be worth you time to use something like

Searching the Python Cheese Shop for Scientific/Engineering Visualization
turns up a good deal of others:


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