Dyanmic import of a class

Facundo Batista facundo at taniquetil.com.ar
Thu Mar 22 20:18:33 CET 2007

rh0dium wrote:

> foo.py
> class foo:
>    def __init__(self):
>       print "Hi I am %s" % self.__class__.__name__

I wrote this in a file here...

> Now I have a bunch of these files.  I want to be able to dynamically
> import each one and run it.  I am having a problem actually doing the
> work.   I thought __import__ would work but I can't seem to get it to
> work.

>>> name = "foo"
>>> mod = __import__(name)
>>> theclass = getattr(mod, name)
>>> instance = theclass()
Hi I am foo


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