This web site creates a *popup window* => how fetch contents in a script?

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>> > The following web page puts a report in a *popup window* by clicking
>> > the "Generate Report" button....
>> >
>> > How can I grab this pop window page in a python script? (It doesn't
>> > seem to have a URL!?!)
>> Of course it  
>> has:
>> If your browser don't let you know the actual URL... try a better  
>> browser
>> :)
> Sure I can grab the aforementioned URL's contents but what about the
> NEW contents in the NEW popup window that appears AFTER you press some
> form buttons?  How grab *that* ?

The above URL corresponds to the "NEW popup window that appears AFTER you  
press some form buttons". In particular, that is what you get if you press  
the "simple report" button (or something like that, I don't remember, and  
if even you don't care to check it, me neither).

Anyway, I can think of 3 ways to get the info you want:
- select some options, try some buttons, and notice the URL on the  
generated popup window. Luckily it's an HTTP GET and that URL is the only  
info you need. (Again: if your browser isn't able to show you the URL, get  
a better one!)
- same as above, but using a protocol sniffer to record the HTTP  
requests/responses. This may be needed if HTTP POST is used instead.
- study the HTML+javascript code.

Gabriel Genellina

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